Level 11 Merge Dragons Sun Veldt Challenge walkthrough

Merge Dragons Challenge 11

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 11

Stages of passing:

  1. Merge all the dragons to start collecting.
  2. Combine three ruby plains grass to make a combo (5) with the life flowers.
  3. Click on the nest of rock dragon and connect the eggs that fall out of it to get the crimson dragon whelps.
  4. Use the dragon energy to break open the grave.
  5. Collect the bones that fell from the grave, so that they turned into the life flower sprouts.
  6. Then play on the situation.

Tips with secrets:

  • Merge and collect at the same time, as the map (island) is tiny.
  • Don’t waste time merging the life orbs.
  • While all five of these orbs merge, collect the opened dragons.
  • Try to heal and clear the map very quickly.

Open chests even faster, because they give a bonus that opens the cells of the island.

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