Level 12 Merge Dragons how do you beat Challenge strategy

Merge Dragons Challenge 12

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 12

Stages of passing:

  1. Click on the skeleton and connect these bones to the bones on the dead land. Do not connect the life flower sprouts that have appeared yet.
  2. You will open and activate the heal extender itself.
  3. Combine the skeleton with the skeletons on the dead land again.
  4. Move the rain puddle to the small island on the left side of the map.
  5. Connect the vital entity from the open part with the entity on the dead land.
  6. Connect the stacks of elder wood with similar ones on the dead land. Now connect the bundles of elder wood.
  7. When you see a tiny cabin for hedge gnomes, collect the produced shrub sprouts.
  8. Connect the remaining life flower sprouts on the left side of the map.
  9. Collect the vital entities in the left corner of the island to get the tiny life orb.
  10. Combine three orbs to get a small life orb.
  11. Connect it with the other life orbs on the dead land, so that there are two more life orbs.
  12. Remove the rain puddle from the small island and connect the shrub sprouts. After that, a fallen star will appear on the island.
  13. Do not click on the fallen star, but connect it to the others on the right side of the big island.
  14. Activate the life orb to open a significant part of the map.
  15. Combine the Gaia statues to complete the level.

At this level, accumulate items to get combos. As the land heals, don’t forget to open the chests that appear.

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