Level 15 Merge Dragons Shrub Isles Challenge walkthrough

Merge Dragons Challenge 15

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 15

Stages of passing:

  1. Combine the grass dragon eggs.
  2. Now connect the life flower sprouts and the shrub sprouts.
  3. Collect the vital entities by connecting them with similar elements on the dead land in the center of the map.
  4. Drag and connect shrubs and budding shrubs, magic mushroom caps, and a group of magic mushrooms.
  5. The heal extender opens and automatically activates, releasing a portion of the map.
  6. Drag the fruit tree sapling to the right side of the island.
  7. To complete the level, you need to connect the goddesses of healing.
  8. Combine the grass dragon eggs.
  9. Activate and drag high cloud cover. It will rain and leave puddles.
  10. Gather the shrub sprouts and rain puddles in the upper-middle level.
  11. The heal extender opens and automatically activates.
  12. Merge the budding shrubs and combine the nice shrubs.
  13. Activate the demon gate, send your dragons to them.
  14. After the dragons destroy the gate, the third Gaia statue will appear. Connect it with the other two to complete the level.

More often connect open elements with those that are on the dead land to open the cells.

At this level, it is better to collect five elements to get combo bonuses.

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