Level 16 Merge Dragons Challenge in under 5 minutes

Merge Dragons Challenge 16 step by step

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 1

Stages of passing:

  1. On the big central island, connect five cool dragon eggs and a group of magic mushrooms.
  2. Drag the elder wood to the lower middle island.
  3. Strong magic mushroom connects with similar elements on the dead land.
  4. Drag the magic mushrooms from the center of the big island to the small left island (in the middle) and merge them with similar elements on the closed cells.
  5. Drag the fruit tree sapling from the left middle island to the sprouts on the big island and merge them.
  6. Click on the two heal extenders.
  7. Combine strong magic and hero mushrooms on the big island in the center of the big island.
  8. Click on the heal extender.
  9. Connect 12 vital entities.
  10. Click on the life flower totem several times to get a large number of life flowers.
  11. Connect the tiny life orbs, and then the small life orbs.
  12. Activate the small life orbs to heal part of the map.
  13. Connect the young fruit tree on the middle-upper island.
  14. Drag the blue life flower to the middle-upper island from the center of the big island, accumulating them up to 5 pieces. Because of this will free up several elements on the big island.
  15. Merge the grass dragon eggs on the middle island on the right.
  16. Click on the heal extender. Because of this, the demon gates will open. Aim your dragons at them so that the gate will be destroyed. And then the zomblins do not have time to appear.
  17. Activate the heal expander on the middle-upper island.
  18. Combine one at a time: life flowers-blue life flowers-flaming flower of life-twin life flower.
  19. The twin life flower drags to the upper left island, and merge it with similar elements on the dead land to get the brilliant life flower.
  20. You will open the demon gate that must be destroyed with the help of dragons.
  21. In the middle of a large island, connect the life flower sprout, and at the bottom, unite the vital entities.
  22. On the middle-lower island, drag the elder wood from the lower right island.
  23. There, drag the elder wood to the middle one from the big island and merge 5 of these elements.
  24. On the big island, combine the vital entities.
  25. On the lower left island, combine the spotted dragon eggs.
  26. Drag the destroyed Gaia statues to the middle right island to combine five pieces.
  27. In the center of a large island, combine the blue life flowers.
  28. Merge the brilliant life flowers and three small life orbs in the lower-left corner of the big island.
  29. Open the chests on the middle-lower island.
  30. Activate the life orb on the lower left island.
  31. When the demon gates are released, once again, send your dragons to destroy them.
  32. In the center of a large island, merge the blue life flowers, the flaming flowers of life, the life flowers, and the life essences.
  33. Connect the twin life flowers and five small life orbs.
  34. Activate the life orbs on the lower left island.
  35. Connect the tiny life orbs and activate the two small life orbs on the lower right island.
  36. Destroy the newly appeared demon gates with dragons.
  37. At the end of the level, connect all the restored Gaia statues to get a strong goddess of healing.

Almost all of the elements treat of the island from the dead and super dead land. And the higher the level of the component, the higher its healing power.

The restored Gaia statue can heal the super dead land. Life orbs can be obtained from dragons and flowers. The higher the level of the flower, the higher the level of the life orb.

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