Level 2 Merge Dragons Prism Rift Challenge walkthrough

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 2

The task goal – to get a Gaia statue.

As a reward, you will receive:

  • In the first battle – the four levels crimson dragon kid;
  • In the second battle – the 15 levels crimson dragon kid.

Stages of passing:

  1. Connect five eggs of the crimson dragon. For this, you will get two small dragons.
  2. Connect the life flowers so that the dragons can feed on their energy. Gather as many entities as possible to combine them.
  3. When you collect five or more entities, you get the tiny life orb.
  4. Collect three or more tiny life orbs to get the small life orb and free a large area of the island from the dead land.


Do not combine three elements. It is better to collect them to 5 or more to get a bonus and a new element of the second and higher level.

An individual task can be performed three times. With each successful battle, the time to complete the level decreases, and the reward increases (the level of the dragon with each battle is higher).

Here you can get auxiliary elements, which you will find later in the camp.

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