Level 20 Merge Dragons Challenge final win

Merge Dragons Challenge 20

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 20

Stages of passing:

  1. Collect emerald and tanzanite plains grass.
  2. In the center of the island, connect the fruit tree leaves and the life flower sprouts.
  3. On the left of the island map, connect the fruit tree saplings at the top-small fruit trees and young fruit trees.
  4. At the top of the map, collect the blue and glowing life flowers.
  5. Combine the grass dragon eggs and activate the tiny life orbs.
  6. Connect the large fruit trees and click on the giant dragon mansion. Collect five eggs that fell out of there.
  7. In the center and right on the map, connect the magic mushroom caps.
  8. Click on the heal extender.
  9. At the bottom left of the map, combine groups of magic mushrooms.
  10. In the center of the island, connect the fresh glitter, and click on the heal extender.
  11. As you progress, clear the map cells using tiny life orbs.
  12. On the left and in the center of the island, connect the magic mushroom caps.
  13. Click on the heal extender.
  14. Combine the emerald plains grass, but first, move the grass from the left edge to the right side of the island.
  15. On the right, combine the rain puddles and collect the young puddles.
  16. Combine the green dream shrooms.
  17. Click on the map on the right the tiny life orb and the heal extender.
  18. At the bottom left of the island, combine fresh graves and Corwin’s tombs.
  19. After that, you will open three demon gates that must destroy the level dragons.
  20. Then you will discover three destroyed Gaia statues.

More often activate the bonuses that come across on the level to get the tiny life orbs.

Drag them to any convenient place on the map and connect them to activate and get a bonus (the giant life orb). This bonus can heal all the cells of the island.

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