Level 22 Merge Dragons Challenge walkthrough

How to beat Challenge 22 on Merge Dragons

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 22

Stages of passing:

  1. At the very beginning of the level, connect the prism flower seeds at the top left on a small island.
  2. On the small island at the top right, connect the sprouting prism flower and combine the grass tuft on the island at the top left twice in a row.
  3. On the upper right island, combine five pieces of lawn grass.
  4. At the bottom of the island, you will have bonus-3000 points, activate it.
  5. At the bottom right, gather marsh grass.
  6. At the bottom left, combine the swamp water and click on the heal extender.
  7. In the center, connect the tall grass.
  8. Collect the eggs of the flame and green dragons.
  9. As you progress through the levels, zomblins will appear from the caves. Immediately direct the dragons to their destruction.
  10. Connect the golden wheatgrass and the prism flower buds. They will heal the map cells all over the island.
  11. At the top of the map, collect the magic mushroom caps and the life flower sprouts.
  12. Connect the same spotted shrooms and stone bricks.
  13. On the left side of the map, combine the prism flower buds and click on the heal extender.
  14. Connect tanzanite plains grass, blossoming prism flower, and a pile of stone bricks.
  15. Connect the blue life flowers and fresh graves in turn (twice) in the central part of the map.
  16. In the upper part of the island, connect the rain and young puddles on the right.
  17. Click on the heal extender.
  18. When the destroyed Gaia statues will open, connect them to complete the level.

As you progress through the level, connect objects with similar elements in closed areas of the map to get them, and activate heal extenders.

More often collect five or more objects to get a combo bonus and open several cells at once.

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