Level 25 Merge Dragons how to beat challenge Challenge how to beat challenge

Merge Dragons Challenge 25

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 25

Stages of passing:

  1. Drag the ancient dragon skull to the central island. To activate the skull, you need to click on it several times.
  2. After that, you will have skeletons, bones, bone mass. Connect them.
  3. Here and on the upper left island connect the life flowers sprouts.
  4. On the central island, combine the life flowers, and on the top left island – blue life flowers.
  5. To open the cloud gate and the new island, use the resulting flaming flower of life as the key.
  6. On the upper island, combine the Golem dragon eggs and grass tufts.
  7. On the upper right island, connect the lawn grass.
  8. Send one dragon to collect life essences from the blue life flowers.
  9. Send the other two dragons to collect tiny life orbs from the flaming flower of life on the upper island.
  10. Tap on the small life orbs on the upper right island to heal this part of the map.
  11. On the island in the center, connect the life flower seeds.
  12. Combine the sprouting prism flower and its buds.
  13. To open the lower right island, apply to him as key the blossoming prism flower.
  14. You will open a demon gate that must be destroyed with the help of dragons.
  15. The blossoming prism flower will heal objects from the dead land.
  16. Click on the small life orb on the lower right island.
  17. Now to complete the passage of this level, connect the Gaia statues.

Some objects can heal the map from dead and super dead land. The higher the level of these objects, the more useful they are.

More often activate small life orbs and collect five elements; this will give a more powerful bonus that opens several cells. The more objects are connected, the higher this bonus.

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