Level 26 Merge Dragons how to pass Challenge

Merge Dragons Challenge 26

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 26

Stages of passing:

  1. In the left and right parts of the map, connect five fruit tree saplings.
  2. At the bottom of the island, combine five young trees and five young fruit trees.
  3. To open the lower left side, use the grapes as a key.
  4. At the bottom of the map, connect the fruit tree to get a large fruit tree, and get raspberries from it. Berry opens the cloud cover in the lower right part of the island.
  5. In the central part of the island, combine three large fruit trees to get a nice fruit tree, and it’s harvest-bananas.
  6. Use the banana as a key to open the central cloud on the map.
  7. Connect the Rukh eggs and direct the dragon to collect energy from the blue life flower to get life essences.
  8. Collect and connect them to get and activate the life orbs in the center of the map. They will also be the keys to open the clouds.
  9. Drag the mystical autumn tree and connect it at the top left of the map to get the Pinkberry autumn tree (this is another key), you need to drag it to the upper right corner of the island. Combine Pinkberry autumn trees.
  10. Connect a nice fruit tree to get an aged fruit tree, and it’s harvest-pears.
  11. The last cloud cover on the island is opened with a pear.
  12. Here connect the destroyed Gaia statues.

To open clouds on the map, you need to have keys-special elements that are indicated by the contour at the “entrance” to the cloud.

In the second battle, after opening the top of the map, a chest will appear, which will give you the Rukh eggs and coins. It is necessary to collect these coins (bronze-silver-gold), which arise from a banana and other berries.

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