Level 27 Merge Dragons how to beat Challenge step by step

Merge Dragons Challenge 27

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 27

Stages of passing:

  1. Connect the eggs of the green and spotted dragons.
  2. Click on the life orb on the upper right island, and on the upper left – combine the life flower.
  3. On the lower left island, combine the blossoming prism flowers and its buds to get the blossoming prism flower again.
  4. Connect it on the upper right island to get the prism flower.
  5. On the lower right island, connect the magic mushroom caps and a group of magic mushrooms to get spotted shrooms.
  6. Click on the heal extender and tiny life orbs.
  7. In the lower right corner, connect a bushy autumn tree.
  8. On the lower left island, combine a mystical autumn tree with similar ones on dead land.

When you start the game, connect blue life flowers two times three pieces and send them to the dragon.

In the second stage, you can try to pass the task by swapping some moves.

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