Level 28 Merge Dragons Сraven Сrypt Challenge guide

Merge Dragons Challenge 28 final win

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 28

Stages of passing:

Combine one at a time:

  • sprouts of the life flower;
  • gargoyle dragon eggs;
  • life flowers;
  • ruby plain grass.
  1. From the blue life flower, the dragon will begin to produce life essences and tiny life orbs. Wait until it provides enough of them to open a significant portion of the map.
  2. Connect the crimson dragon and the Rukh eggs.
  3. As the cells heal from the dead land, collect the bone mass to find the life flower sprouts.
  4. To complete a level, you need to collect and activate the life orbs until the entire island will be healed.
  5. After that, collect and combine three destroyed Gaia statues.

To complete a level, be patient, collect life orbs of 5 or more pieces, then activate them to heal the cells.

The most potent orb on this level is the furious life orb, which can heal the entire map from dead land when activated. But for this, you will need maximum patience.

With a little change in the order of actions, you can go through the second stage differently.

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