Level 29 Merge Dragons Creation Quest tips

Merge Dragons Callenge 29

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 29

Stages of passing:

Combine one at a time:

  • defender dragon portals with random dragon portals;
  • petrified rotten zomblins, the destruction of which will appear zomblins. Send the dragons at them.
  1. Move on, connecting the open objects with those that are on the dead earth cells.
  2. Combine fresh graves and tap on two heal extenders.
  3. Connect the petrified rotten zomblins.
  4. Repeat the steps in this order: open the chest – combine the fresh graves – click on the heal extender – connect Corwin’s Tombs – click on the heal extender – combine petrified rotten zomblins – connect five lost soul’s graves and the common graves, open the chests – reconcile destroyed Gaia statues.

Do not connect the Gaia statues until you have healed the entire island. This way, you will get more game coins and auxiliary items. 

Don’t waste any time on additional attack zomblins.

First of all, activate the heal extenders – to quickly pass the level. They also release objects on super dead land.

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