Level 3 Merge Dragons Frozen Seas event Challenge walkthrough

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 3

Quest parameters:

To complete the level is given 2 minutes 11 seconds.

  • The goal of the level is to collect nine blue life flowers.
  • As a reward, you will get a level 4 butterfly dragon kid.

Stages of passing:

  1. Combine the dragons and start collecting.
  2. Connect three ruby plains grass to get a combo with five life flowers.
  3. Click on the nest with the rock dragon eggs to collect them and get the crimson dragons.
  4. Use the dragon energy to break the open grave.
  5. The bones will fall apart from the grave that needs to be collected.
  6. If you do not have time to collect the bones, they appear the life flowers.
  7. Then act on the situation, collecting and combining elements.

Support collecting and merging at the same time, because the map is small and may not have enough space.

Also, you should not waste time on merging life orbs. While it takes time to join five orbs, it is better to spend it on collecting dragons. You should try to clear the map as quickly as possible. Open chests rapidly, for them, you will get a bonus. And will open several cells of the playing field.

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