Level 4 Merge Dragons Challenge Grassy how do i solve hilltop guide

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 4

Stages of passing:

  1. Open the treasure chest, then connect the rock dragon eggs.
  2. The dragon will restore a few life flower sprouts. Connect five sprouts to get life essences. They heal the dead land and open the chest with the small life orb.
  3. The small life orb will release a few cells in the upper left corner of the island.
  4. Here you need to collect the rock dragon eggs and connect the vital entities.
  5. Click on the graveyard from which the bones will appear.
  6. Collect the bones to get the life flower sprouts.
  7. Now gather the sprouts and seeds of the life flower that have arrived.
  8. Collecting the life flowers, you get a bonus combo. It will heal and open several cells of the super dead land.
  9. At the same time, the dragons will release and restore some elements (you get bonuses).
  10. The small life orbs will open some elements that you need to collect.
  11. Now connect the skulls and the Gaia statues.

More often collect five or more elements; for this, you will get a more powerful bonus than for three connected components. It opens up more cells. The more items are connected, then the reward is higher.

Open chests give the small life orbs that heal several cells.

At the second stage, it is better to hold the chests until the end of the level, when the elements will be impossible to connect.

There will be no mysterious seeds in the second stage.

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