Level 5 Merge Dragons Glacier Falls how to complete Challenge

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 5

Stages of passing:

  1. Combine three dragon egg grass and emerald plains grass.
  2. Activate heal extenders (crosses) that can heal several cells at once from the dead land.
  3. Connect the fruit tree saplings and the ruby plains grass (at the bottom of the screen).
  4. Move the green dragon egg to the cell adjacent to the dead land to connect it with another egg on the dead land.
  5. Dragon gives the vital entities, collect them simultaneously with the life flower sprouts (at the bottom of the game window).
  6. As the entities accumulate, they form the tiny life orb. Combine the life flower sprouts to activate the heal extenders.
  7. The tiny life orb frees a few cells from the dead land.
  8. Connect the tanzanite plains grass (at the top of the field) and the life flower sprouts (at the bottom). Your manipulations activate several heal extenders at once.
  9. Now connect the blue life flowers and the fruit tree saplings.
  10. At the last stage, you have to combine the Gaia statues.

Connect elements with identical ones on the territory of the dead land. These steps will help open the items and activate the heal extenders.

First of all, open the heal extenders to pass the level faster. They also release objects on the super dead land.

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