Level 9 Merge Dragons Totem Shire Challenge step by step

Merge Dragons Challenge 9 walkthrough

Heading: Merge Dragons fjord 9

Stages of passing:

  1. Move the dragon portal from the island in the right corner to the center of the portals on the big island.
  2. Get two dragons.
  3. Free the two skeletons and connect the bones and the life flower sprouts.
  4. Give the dragons some time to gather energy. Wait until the whelps give you a few small life orbs.
  5. Connect these orbs to heal the entire island.
  6. Open the treasure chests.
  7. Harvest all the elements on the island.
  8. Release the remaining dragon eggs.
  9. Connect trees and bones until you complete the level.
  10. The more bones you connect at the same time, the more life flower sprouts they will give you.

Destroy the zomblins while they are still in the caves.

Place the first five life flowers on small islands to avoid their accidental consolidation.

In more difficult battles of this level, it is better to use high-level dragons to complete it.

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